Recipe: Pork, mushroom, rapeseed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork, mushroom, rapeseed dumplings


Children eat directly, so I am afraid that my little guy will not chew things, make a small dumpling, let the children exercise their chewing ability.



  1. Let me talk about the dough first. I used the dough for his noodles to lick 50g and give it to the skin. 200g of flour, 95g of water, 2g of salt, the dough is smoothed, and the dough is left to stand for more than 30 minutes, and 50g of dough is given to the dumpling skin. Anyway, I am very thin, lazy once and thick, and children do not eat. After a long lesson, I dared to be thin.

  2. Wash mushrooms and rapeseed, boil and boil in boiling water.

  3. The tenderloin is chopped, add a little oil, salt, and chopped green onion and mix well.

  4. Add diced mushrooms, diced onion, and diced diced with a little salt, mix well with vegetables and minced meat into dumplings.

  5. Open dumplings, thin skin, more stuffing. Boil a pot of boiling water and cook!


1, the skin must be infertile! 2, when cooking the meat stuffing, or else the meat will be special firewood, dry chewing. 3, the unfinished skin, cut into noodles and dumplings to cook together, pretend that I am a bowl of chaotic noodles ~

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