Recipe: Pork chutney soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork chutney soup



  1. Pig blood is first cut into thin slices, then the knife is changed into thin strips.

  2. Boil the water, put the pig's blood into the simmer for a while, wash it off and use it for a while.

  3. Put the water back in the pot and pour it into the big hot and sour seasoning package.

  4. Add 焯 hot pork blood and boil

  5. Pour in about 3 scoops of water starch to thicken it.

  6. Sprinkle some pepper, pour in white vinegar, add the scallion to the pan


1. Pig blood has a smell of sputum, so it must be scalded before use, and it can also remove the dirt of pig blood. 2. Eggs can be mixed with a spoonful of water to spread into the soup, so that the egg flower will be more evenly formed. 3. Add some pepper to go to the cockroach, you can also increase the position, the choice is indispensable 4. After the water starch is thickened, pour it into the egg liquid, so that the egg flower will not sink into the bottom of the bowl. 5. You can also dance this sour and spicy seasoning package, you can mix the hot and sour taste according to your own taste, but remember, pepper and white vinegar must be placed at the end, otherwise it will be too early to volatilize, it will affect the taste. what

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