Recipe: Pork belly fried with dried vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork belly fried with dried vegetables


Every year, my mother will cut the leaves left by the seeds of her own family, and then cut them into thin and dried, and then store them in the jar. Every time I go out, my mom will install some for me, let me add the pork belly. Very meal or porridge. When I was young, my living conditions were not very good. We would use the pig's head meat to fry in the country. It was very fragrant and full of memories.



  1. I use oil to pull the pork belly out. I like to eat dried pork belly.

  2. Then add the dried vegetables and stir fry and let it absorb the lard. Add a pinch of salt, dry chili and soy sauce. Slightly fry, add water, half the amount of the dish, cover the lid and other water, almost steamed, and then stir fry the dried vegetables, no water.

  3. Steam every time before eating, the more steamed.

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