Recipe: Popcorn lemon glutinous rice water

Home Cooking Recipe: Popcorn lemon glutinous rice water


Since learning to make "horse red pearls" when learning to make Thai food in Thailand, I have become addicted to making various "sandwich pearls" with cassava flour. Ordinary lemon glutinous rice water, because of the "explosive glutinous rice", it has become interesting in an instant!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Coix seed was soaked in water for one night in advance.

    Coix seed was soaked in water for one night in advance.

  2. Put the barley into 1500 ml of drinking water, boil it on low heat, turn to low heat, cover and cook for 30-40 minutes. You can add rock sugar in the last ten minutes. The taste of rock sugar is adjusted according to oneself. I am free to put it every time.

  3. Boiled glutinous rice water, first remove the glutinous rice, then add fresh lemon slices in the glutinous rice water. (Lemon slices are added after cooking the glutinous rice water. Do not put them in the glutinous rice water to cook together, it will be bitter.)

  4. The glutinous rice that has been removed is slightly dried and placed in the tapioca flour.

  5. Shake the container with the tapioca powder, like the rolling oysters, so that the cassava flour is wrapped in a grain of coix seed. If necessary, use chopsticks and other aids so that the coixers do not stick to each other.

  6. Use a sieve to remove excess tapioca powder. Then take another small pot and boil the small half pot of water. Refill a bowl of cold water for use. If there is ice water, it is better.

  7. After the water in the pot has boiled, put the coix seed wrapped in tapioca powder and stir quickly with a spoon to prevent sticking. Cook until the cassava powder becomes transparent, wrapped in the whole body of the glutinous rice, you can turn off the fire and remove it. After draining, immediately put it into the ice water and soak for a while to help the 'Blasting Pearl'.

  8. Put the prepared glutinous rice into the lemon glutinous rice water. The hot and cold beaded lemon glutinous rice water is ready~

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