Recipe: Pomegranate syrup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pomegranate syrup


A large number of pomegranates from South America come. Beautiful colors! ! ! The taste is generally =_=b... Make syrup to drink with water~ Beautiful and delicious~ Click on the picture to see the big picture...



  1. Pomegranate peeled off the seeds and squeezed with a hand-pressed juicer... (It has been proven... this method is best... the pomegranate juice is not turbid...)

  2. Boil the water and sugar together... cook until the sugar is completely melted, turn to low heat and cook until it is slightly viscous... (Don't cook the color...)... Add lemon juice...

  3. From the fire... add pomegranate juice... the amount of pomegranate juice should be about half of the stuff in the pot... stir...

  4. Heat on a small fire... slowly smash into a state of syrup...

  5. The syrup is sealed and refrigerated... used to soak in water and drink tea is very good to add ~~


The picture above is flushed with water...not syrup...!!!

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