Recipe: Pomegranate Juice Tremella Jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Pomegranate Juice Tremella Jelly


Pomegranate extracts juice, which is rich in vitamin c, b6, e and folic acid. The mineral content of calcium, magnesium and zinc is also very rich. It can quickly replenish the skin's loss of moisture and make the skin brighter and softer. Today, this pomegranate juice is a luxurious glamorous version of fresh juice, paired with the best Tremella lotus seed jujube in the fall, put a small amount of fish gelatin powder into the refrigerator for one hour, pink sweet and sour pomegranate juice, Q bomb white fungus Frozen, definitely makes you feel refreshed. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is a health jelly that is made for your family. It will definitely make you feel fulfilled.



  1. First, the white fungus is bubbled, and the yellow hard part of the root is removed. After 500 grams of water is boiled, add shredded white fungus and add to the lotus seeds to cook.

  2. Cut the pomegranate and peel off the red granules

  3. Break the pomegranate fruit with a cooking stick

  4. Then pour it into a small gauze bag and squeeze it hard

  5. Until all the pomegranate juice is squeezed out, the remaining pomegranate is not needed.

  6. Tremella cooker switch slowly burned for about an hour, it has been soft and rotten. At this time, add red dates that are easy to cook and continue to thicken.

  7. Mix 10 grams of fish gelatin powder and mix the right amount of sugar in a small bowl. (I don't like the taste of too sweet, the amount of sugar can be controlled by myself)

  8. Add a proper amount of water to a small bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and heat in a microwave for 3 minutes until all is melted.

  9. Pour the prepared fish gelatin into 500 ml of white fungus lotus seeds and mix constantly.

  10. After cooling, pour the prepared pomegranate juice into the cocktail glass and refrigerate until it freezes.

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