Recipe: Plum tea rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum tea rice


Remember the three sisters of tea and rice in the late night dining hall? Since I last ate the plum tea in the Japanese restaurant, I have been thinking about it, and Taobao bought salted basil. .



  1. Put the rice in the bowl, sprinkle with salt, soy sauce, cooked sesame, seaweed and finally put the plum

  2. Use hot water to make tea, pour it into a bowl, and then have 2/3 of rice.


Plum: To buy Japanese-style salted yellow plum, Taobao is available for sale. Tea: Usually Japanese rice or sencha is used. In short, steamed green tea is used. If not, ordinary green tea can also be used. Mustard: optional, according to personal taste Meizi acid's enjoyment, the first bite can't stop, the appetizing good things~ must eat several bowls Tea and rice, as long as you chew slowly, you will not indigestion~

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