Recipe: Plum small tomato

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum small tomato


I was so surprised when I was eating this dish in Xiaoyue, I liked it very much, and then came back to study it. The taste is not bad, even I think it is better than them. Summer refreshing snacks are it!



  1. Boil the water, put in the saint fruit for a while, and then peel off and peel off.

  2. The plum and rock sugar are boiled with about 500 ml of water and allowed to cool.

  3. Put the small tomato and plum water into the sealed jar, add the lemon juice, and put the refrigerator in one night. (It’s ok to stay that long, it’s better to stay overnight)


Telling the truth, it’s delicious, I’m using the nine-system plum!

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