Recipe: Plum sauce, white mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum sauce, white mushroom


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  1. After the asparagus is cut into the white crude fiber cortex of the outer root, the knife is changed into a diamond-shaped section.

  2. The virgin fruit and the yellow pepper are cut into granules for use.

  3. Open canned white mushroom, soak in clear water for half an hour in summer (change the secondary water during the period, remove the preservative), cut the cross knife on the surface of Bailing mushroom (do not cut through)

  4. Put the salad oil in the pan, and put the asparagus into the oil after the oil temperature rises to about 40%.

  5. Put the bottom oil in the pot into the saint fruit, yellow pepper musk, then put a little bit of water into the asparagus, stir the seasoning salt, mushroom essence, and pour the pan into the bottom of the dish.

  6. Another pot, put the salad oil in the pot, until the oil temperature rises to about 40%, put the white mushroom into the oil, pour out the drained oil. In the pot, fragrant ginger, then Bailing mushroom, add 30 grams of water, put iced plum sauce, tomato sauce a little white vinegar, sugar, salt (note the sweet and sour does not put MSG) slightly cook for a while, collect the dried marinade, Place it on top of asparagus

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