Recipe: Plum chrysanthemum tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum chrysanthemum tea


In the hot summer season, you can drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea, sweet and sour heat, can properly supplement the electrolyte lost due to sweating, drink more will not damage the spleen and stomach; usually feel dry eyes, you can also put some cockroaches to cook together!



  1. Prepare ingredients, and wash the chrysanthemum with warm water.

  2. Put the fetal chrysanthemum and the plum into the pot, add water to boil, and like rock sugar and glutinous rice can be put together to cook!


1 In fact, you can also use boiling water to brew, but it must be just boiled water (100 degrees) so that the pollen of the fetal chrysanthemum can come out, the water of the thermos bottle or the water dispenser can not, because the temperature is not enough! 2 When you drink 1/3 tea soup, add boiled water, so that the concentration of tea before and after is relatively uniform, you can continue to drink! 3 Tips, people with debilitating constitution should not drink!

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