Recipe: Plum cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Plum cake



  1. The petals and flowers of the dried roses are opened, and the petals are rounded. Add 5 grams of salted osmanthus, 100 grams of white sugar and 300 grams of water to the osmanthus syrup. 50 grams of peanut oil mixed with 50 grams of water into a water oil. The alkali is added with 35 grams of water to dissolve into alkaline water.

  2. Add about 5Og of red bean and peanut oil, 900g of white sugar and rose heart, and 5g of sweet osmanthus to the wet bean paste.

  3. Old fermented pulp plus 15 grams of alkaline water, baking soda, sugar 10 grams, 100 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus sugar and mix well, then add 1900 grams of water to stir into a slurry, then add all the flour and mix well into a new ferment.

  4. Take a small amount of new fermented pulp and put it on a hot iron plate. After ripening, it has many small pores (such as big green beans in winter, rapeseed in summer), aroma and micro green. If the pores are large, the fermentation is less alkali; the dry yellow has a basic taste, which is alkali weight; the pores are too small, the yeast is light or soda; the acidity is gray, the color is gray, and the alkali is less. The above situation should be adjusted as appropriate.

  5. The new ferment is contained in a special pot, and the pot must be open and wide so that it can be fermented. 1125 grams of fermented pulp in a pot. The bean paste is divided into 6 bowls, about 450 grams per bowl.

  6. 6. Place the iron plate on the stove and put the cake mold. When the iron plate and the cake mold are burnt to the heat, use a wire brush to brush the water and brush the cake for one week to clean the residue and lubricate the cake. At this time, if you hear the popping sound of '嚓, 嚓', you can pour the ferment into the cake tube, first pour 1/3, then the cake mold is erected, and the sides are turned, so that the cake wall is evenly adhered to the leaven. Pulp. Then, the bean paste in the bowl is separately embedded into the cake tube with the cake, each tube is added with 25 grams of bean paste, and another 50 grams of sugar is scattered on the bean paste, and the remaining ferment is covered on the bean paste of each cake tube. Sprinkle some rose petals, and take a hot iron plate from the cake mold to cover the cake mold, close the furnace door and weaken the bottom fire. After about 2-3 minutes, the cake is half-cooked, the iron plate is still returned to the stove surface, the furnace door is opened to heat, and then 50 grams of sugar and 50 grams of wine osmanthus sugar are sprinkled on the cake surface, and then the iron plate is again taken out in the cake mold. On the top, close the oven door, bake for about 3-5 minutes, insert the cake with the cake, no slurry overflow, the cake is cooked. Use the cake to smooth the surface of the model and pick it out one by one with a crochet hook. 19 per furnace, so repeated 6 times.


1. The rose and the red bean are cooked together, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is added when the bean paste is added; 2. The new fermented pulp is stirred until it is smooth and clean, and no dry powder and lumps are suitable; 3. The heat is evenly distributed during baking, and it is not irritated.

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