Recipe: Plot cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Plot cake


The original party is the Pulot cake of Uji Tianrun master. On the basis of the original side, the raspberry cream filling is added to enrich the overall taste. It is like a fresh spring, wrapped in a burning heart. The finished product has a diameter of 5.5cmx5cm and about 14 small cakes.



  1. #手指蛋糕# Mix a small amount of sugar and egg yolk until it is slightly white

  2. The remaining sugar is added to the protein three times and sent to a protein cream that can lift the sharp corners.

  3. Mix a small amount of good meringue with egg yolk and mix well with the remaining meringue egg beater.

  4. Evenly sift into the low-gluten flour, stir the eggbeater in a wide range until there is no obvious dry powder, change the scraper and mix evenly, avoid over-foaming

  5. Baking tray padding paper, caliber 9mm round flower mouth is inserted into the squeezing flower bag, the batter is poured into the squeezing flower bag, and the paste is evenly slanted into strips

  6. Pistachio chopped granules, sprinkle on the batter, sieve a layer of powdered sugar, and then sprinkle a layer of powdered sugar after the powder disappears

  7. Oven 180 ° C, 10-12 minutes, cool off

  8. The cake was cut into 14 strips of 16cmx3.5cm, and 14 pieces were cut with a circular cutter with a diameter of about 3cm. The rectangular cake was enclosed in a circular mousse ring with a diameter of 5.5cmx and a height of 5cm.

  9. #Raspberry fresh cream filling #沙糖和蛋黄 Mix well, add raspberry puree and mix well, simmer until about 83 ° C, add soft soy gelatin tablets from the fire and mix well

  10. Light cream to 6,7, mix well with raspberry mayonnaise, add raspberry wine and mix well

  11. Raspberry cream filling is poured into the mousse ring of the cake, frozen

  12. #开心果芭芭洛亚# A small amount of sugar added to the milk, boiled on a small fire

  13. Mix the remaining sugar and egg yolk, add the boiled milk one by one, mix well, pour it back into the milk pot and cook until about 83 ° C. Add the soft gelatin tablets and mix well.

  14. Mix a small amount of pistachio mud evenly

  15. Spread the fresh cream to 7,8, mix well with the pistachio paste, pour into the mousse circle, flush with the mold, scrape the surface, and freeze the shape.

  16. #装饰# Pistachio cut in half from the middle, the frozen mousse cake is slightly rubbed with a hot towel, and the mold is released.

  17. The transparent pectin is mixed with a small amount of water and heated to melt. Add it to the wine and mix well. Brush the surface of the frozen cake with a brush and decorate the pistachio.

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