Recipe: Pleurotus scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Pleurotus scrambled eggs


Mushrooms have to be swollen like this, this is really good, and finally the soup is soaked in rice! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



  1. Wash the oyster mushrooms, tear them by hand, squeeze the water properly

  2. Eggs are broken into the bowl, and the key steps are coming at this time! ! ! ! Add a little cooking wine, water, a little salt to the egg, and then mix the eggs in one direction, so that the eggs are better.

  3. Hot pot hot oil is poured into the beaten egg liquid and stir-fried.

  4. Once again, pour the oil in the hot pot, chop the green onion, put the mushrooms into the stir fry, then put the eggs

  5. You can add a little boiled water, put salt before the pan, because before the egg liquid is put a little, so it is slightly less than usual cooking.

  6. Get up the pot, put on the plate, get it~


1. When the egg is stirred, the wine and water are added to remove the astringency of the egg, and the fried egg is more fluffy and tastes better. 2. After the egg is formed, it must be quickly popped up, because the back is still in the pan, and the egg is not good. 3. When you put the salt, because it has been put a little bit in the egg liquid, it is slightly less than usual.

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