Recipe: Pleurotus broth

Home Cooking Recipe: Pleurotus broth



  1. Take the oyster mushrooms and wash them to the roots. The big ones can be cut into 2 and half, and the size can be finished. Prepare the onions, cut into small pieces, and cut the rice grains for use.

  2. Cut thin slices of meat, add a small amount of raw powder and grab evenly to increase the taste

  3. Into the pot, add some oil, add a small fire to the garlic to stir the scent, then add the prepared oyster mushrooms, stir fry the water, add hot water cover higher than oyster mushrooms (water can be added according to individual needs)

  4. Then add the prepared lean meat, stir it, add salt, add some chicken, wait until the meat is cooked and add the onion. Can cook out~

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