Recipe: Pitaya milkshake

Home Cooking Recipe: Pitaya milkshake


Occasionally there will always be times when you don't want to pick up the fruit. It is also a good choice to add some milk to the fruit and make it a nutritious and delicious milkshake~ Simple and convenient, it is worth a try.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Pitaya is cut into pieces, and the skin should not be thrown first.

    Pitaya is cut into pieces, and the skin should not be thrown first.

  2. Pour the dragon fruit pieces together with the milk into the blender or the cooking machine, and hit the thickness you like. Dragon fruit is very sweet, no sugar

  3. If you want to drink a more beautiful dragon fruit shake, cut the pitaya peel close to the layer of the flesh, don't cover the skin, and then throw it into the cooking machine when you hit the milkshake.

  4. The skinned dragon fruit milkshake will have a good layering after standing for a while.


The dragon's peel contains anthocyanins, and the color is lavender. It is very beautiful, but the pitaya milkshake with the peel will have a bit of grassy taste. It is fresher, I can accept it, but the taste varies from person to person. If you only like the sweet taste, it is recommended not to add skin.

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