Recipe: Pistachio Matcha Cheese Mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Pistachio Matcha Cheese Mousse



  1. Soften the gelatin tablets in clear water

  2. The milk is heated by water, placed in a softened gelatin tablet, stirred until melted

  3. Put in mascarpone cheese and stir until no granules

  4. Light cream is applied to the ice, added to the sugar in three portions, added to the matcha powder, and distributed to six distributions.

  5. Mix the whipped cream and cheese paste evenly

  6. Place the slice of the cake that has been cut as large as the mold into the mousse mold and pour half of the cheese mousse paste.

  7. Put another piece of cake, which is slightly smaller than the mold and pour the remaining cheese mousse paste.

  8. Put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours until the cake is solidified.

  9. The surface is decorated with a little pistachio and chocolate silk. The method of making the chocolate silk has time to shoot again.


1. The method of making pistachio hurricane cake is the same as that of ordinary hurricane cake. As long as the protein paste and egg yolk paste are mixed, firstly put the appropriate amount of pistachio into the egg yolk paste. The practice of hurricane cake can be found here: The whole process of Tiramisu includes eight-inch hurricane practice. In addition to making hurricanes, making other desserts such as biscuits, adding a little pistachio is also very delicious and healthier. 2. When Mouss is demoulding, you can use a hair dryer for blowing hair to blow around the mousse for a while, and it is easy to demould. If you don't have a hair dryer, use a hot towel for a while.

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