Recipe: Pink Champagne Cupcakes (Pink Champagne Cupcakes)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pink Champagne Cupcakes (Pink Champagne Cupcakes)


The amount of Fangzi has been made in a standard paper cup. About 10 mini Muffin cups can probably do 20 old American recipes, heavy oil and heavy sugar, which has been reduced by me a lot.



  1. Dry powder (low-gluten flour, ordinary flour, baking powder, salt) mixed

  2. Champagne and half &half mix evenly, sprinkle a little red yeast powder and mix thoroughly, pale pink

  3. Softened butter with fine sugar, use electric egg beater to make it bulky and whitish

  4. Eggs scattered at room temperature are added to the butter in four times, each time you must hit the full fusion and add the next time.

  5. Pink liquid and powder are added alternately to 4, each time with a squeegee and evenly added again

  6. The oven is preheated at 180 degrees, the batter is filled into the paper cup for 8 minutes, and it is baked for about 22 minutes. (When you arrive at the time, watch the color next to it to prevent the surface from baking yellow, it is not good to watch)

  7. After the cake is baked, take it out and let it cool, and you can make buttercream. Butter the room temperature to soften and add sugar powder to fluffy white and light, pour 15g of champagne and 2 drops of vanilla extract, continue to mix well, add a little food coloring (I only have red yeast powder on hand), and adjust to pink.

  8. Choose your favorite decorating mouth, put the cream into the flower bag, squeeze the pattern on the completely cool cup cake, decorate according to your own imagination.


1. Red yeast powder is not very good, generally by visual inspection, rather less, then slowly shake a little, do not fall all at once, the degree of pink with the liquid is generally the same as the one made. 2. I often see half&half on foreign food blogs, thinking that it is a special material. I only know that half of the whipped cream + half of the milk is in the first place.

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