Recipe: Pine nuts, roasted bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Pine nuts, roasted bean curd


Simple and easy to cook, full of rotten milk.



  1. The pine nuts are peeled off and ready for use.

  2. Place the fermented bean curd in a bowl with chopsticks or a spoon and sprinkle it into a bean curd sauce. Add a little sugar to taste.

  3. Into the bean curd bowl, add three medium-sized eggs, break up and mix well with the bean curd.

  4. Ginger silk needs to be cut very thin and thin, and ten or eight are enough. The role of ginger is to remove the astringency of the egg. If you are not afraid of cockroaches, you can omit the ginger.

  5. Stir in the egg liquid and put more than half of the pine nuts. Hot pot cold oil, scrambled eggs.

  6. Put the eggs on the plate and lay the remaining pine nuts on the surface.

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