Recipe: Pine nuts and rice crisps

Home Cooking Recipe: Pine nuts and rice crisps


I received the February magazine "Bei Tai Kitchen" on the weekend. A few friends have told me to see me. Oh, I didn't see it at the time. I originally learned that it was only sent in March. Later, Bei Tai felt that it was more winter. I will send it in advance when I drink the soup. I can't help but say a few words about the photo, because the lazy dragon saw it and said, "How is the face a little deformed? The glasses are also slipping down. Why didn't you take me for your photo?·#¥%......" Just the weekend friends came over, the quick son said this, and the friend looked at me and said, "Is the face light so dark? I know you, of course, it is you..." The photo is my own way of taking a selfie. The level is the same, the other is according to the style specified by Betty, so it is a bit unnatural, and when it is reduced, it will be dark, a little out of shape, oh, in fact, it is okay, not so serious, they just hope better. Point, ask for more. This pine nut chicken rice crisp was seen in an advertisement of a Hong Kong hotel. It was done when it was addicted to pastries, but it should not be crispy in the near future, so as not to change the soup and change the medicine to produce aesthetic fatigue. . The skin of the meringue is similar, but this is all the vegetable oil used for cooking at home. As for the filling, it is rich in people, salty and sweet.



  1. The chicken breast is marinated with soy sauce, salt, a little white wine and starch. After a little oily sauteed pine nuts, the chicken and diced red peppers can be slightly fried.

  2. After the oil skin is divided into small doses, take a piece of flat and spread the oil. A few folds into a rectangle, in fact, what shape you like. After placing the filling, fold it in half and press it tightly

  3. Press out the pattern with a fork, be careful not to break it, otherwise the soup will be lost.

  4. Finally, brush the egg sesame seeds and bake them at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. The filling is cooked.


1. Puff pastry can be used with lard or vegetable oil, but lard is more fragrant. 2. The stuffing stuff is either a dish or a snack. The stuffing is too dry. It is necessary to keep some of the stuffing in the stuffing before it is delicious. I remember this is a national food judge, and I agree.

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