Recipe: Pine nuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Pine nuts


People like us who are so poor can only use the ration of cats to make this dish. Still not a mandarin fish, it is a grass carp. . .



  1. Take the fish, cut the knife, pay attention! Don't cut the fish skin!

  2. Spread the flour on the fish, thicker, thicker, and then shake with your hand. . .

  3. Heat the oil (do not smoke), fry the pan, medium heat!

  4. After the goldens, remove and drain the oil.

  5. Stir-fried tomato paste, add water, and seasoning. Conditional can add some pre-cooked peas. For the sake of: good-looking

  6. Fish plated, drenched, served on the table, moved chopsticks, opened to eat


Fresh fish is the best

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