Recipe: Pigeon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pigeon soup


The folks have the saying that "one pigeon wins nine chickens". Today, let's make this nourishing soup - pigeon soup.



  1. After removing the internal organs of the pigeons, cut them into small pieces. Cool the pigeons underwater, smash them in the pan, remove them, put them in the pan

  2. Electric pressure 煲 will make cooking easier, put the pigeons in, add jujube, wolfberry, codonopsis, then put onions, ginger, pour the right amount of water

  3. Cover the lid, choose the porridge / soup button, set it for 1 hour.

  4. The electric pressure can save nutrients within 12 hours, so the office workers come back from work and can also drink fresh and nutritious pigeon soup.

  5. Finally, put a little salt to taste

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