Recipe: Pickles, winter bamboo shoots, stir-fried

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickles, winter bamboo shoots, stir-fried


My mother's home cooking NO02: Our old lady loves to eat river otters, so my mom sees that there is a river sales in the market. I will do it later, but the river meat will shrink, buy more when buying.



  1. Wash the river otter, rinse with water, rinse with cold water, drain water

  2. Put the river simmer into the pressure cooker, add half a bowl of water, first boil it with the usual lid, add cooking wine, ginger, a little salt, then cover the pressure cooker lid. After the sound is changed, continue to cook for 8 minutes.

  3. River otter removes drain water

  4. The wok is heated to pour the oil, and the pickled winter bamboo shoots are taken out after being fried in the pan.

  5. Do not wash the pot, then pour the oil and stir fry, add some cooking wine, wait for the color of the river to change slightly, then pour the pickles into the winter bamboo shoots and continue to stir fry, then add a little water, the right amount of salt, and a little sugar, boil and add the right amount of chicken pot


1. The pressure water from the pressure cooker can be used in step 5 2. Add a little sugar to enhance the taste of the river 3. If you like spicy food, you can add some dried chili or Laoganma when you are frying. It is also delicious.

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