Recipe: Pickled peppers

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled peppers


First use the salt, pepper, cooking wine, pickled for five minutes, then put the green bamboo shoots, enoki mushroom fried into the bottom of the bowl, then burn the salad oil 30 degrees, put the fish, fried into gold Yellow fish, add the oil, salad oil to 25 degrees, into the watercress, pickled pepper, ginger, minced garlic, wild pepper, saute, pour 2000 grams of broth, simmer for a minute, will consume fish Into the small fire for three minutes, then thicken, pour a little sesame oil, pepper oil, pot. Wash the pot, pour in the vegetable oil, cook 50 degrees, put the red and red pepper into the frying spoon, and finally pour the oil in the pot into the spoon, pour over the fish, sprinkle with chopped green onion and sesame.



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