Recipe: Pickled pepper duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled pepper duck



  1. Duck's paw minus the toes to clean

  2. Vegetable cut strip

  3. Cooked duck's paw, water boiled for 8 minutes

  4. Cook out

  5. Rinse with tap water, I rushed for 1 minute

  6. Soak it in cold water with ice cubes for about 20 minutes.

  7. Try it while you are discharging it. If it is too sour, let it boil in boiling water. Let’s try it when you try it, don’t let it go.

  8. Cover the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. (Vegetables I have been soaked for 3 hours, it is sour, and it is fished out. The duck's palm is marinated for half an afternoon + one night after fishing)


1. The time to cook the duck's paw should be longer, 30 minutes 2. After cooking, the tap water is for the finished product. It is said that the longer the finished product, the whiter the finished product. 3. Ice water is to make the duck's palms expand and contract, and the meat is more crisp and tender. 4. Rice vinegar and pepper water are increased or decreased according to their own taste. 5. When the vegetables themselves are soaked, they will release water, so don't put too much juice, the vegetables will be salted and tasted, and they will be yellowed and not brittle. 6. When the pickling process is available, it will be turned over.

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