Recipe: Phoenix milk paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Phoenix milk paste



  1. Egg break up

  2. Put the milk into the pot and heat it until it is warm.

  3. Add the beaten egg, white sugar

  4. Turn a small fire, keep stirring, be able to catch fire after being skilled

  5. It’s just fine to use a spoon to pick up a straight line instead of a drop of water. Turn off the fire.


1. After pouring into the egg yolk, be sure to slowly stir it in one direction. You can feel the egg milk gradually becoming a paste. At this time, you must pay attention, because only a few seconds from the finished product, I generally count 10, about 8-10 seconds, immediately turn off the fire. 2. During the agitation process, the milk must not be boiled. I generally know about 85 degrees. If you feel that the temperature is too high, you can mix it properly with fire. 3, before pouring into the egg yolk, if you are not sure, you can cool the milk off the fire slightly, so as not to become too high temperature to become egg-flower milk soup. 4, this dessert dessert is delicious. If you feel too sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar as appropriate. There is also thick egg yolk. If you are afraid to enter the milk bath stage, like me, you can dilute the egg yolk with 5ML milk or cream and pour it into the heated milk. 5, finally summed up a sentence, from beginning to end with a small fire, and constantly stirring. 6, Phoenix milk paste is hot and cold, but I still like to put it in the refrigerator and eat it. 7, this dessert is perfect match with double skin milk, one with egg yolk and one with egg white. good to eat.

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