Recipe: Perilla fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Perilla fry


Simple and wild



  1. The flower is soaked in salt water in advance, spit it out, and drain the water slightly before frying.

  2. Green and red pepper oblique knife slice, perilla leaf shredded, bean minced, spare

  3. Heat the oil in the hot pot, sauté the ginger and soymilk at the end of the ginger, stir well under the flower, stir fry for a while, cover the lid for about two minutes, don't let the water go, because the fry is soaked before the frying, it will come out

  4. Open the lid, put the green pepper red pepper, basil, put the seafood sauce, bean paste, a little bit of oyster sauce, stir well, then cover the lid and suffocate, wait until the flower is all open, cooked, you can cook!


If you don’t put salt, you should taste it. Salt will be salty.

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