Recipe: Pepper oil popping egg (song flower egg)

Home Cooking Recipe: Pepper oil popping egg (song flower egg)


Only on the recipes of the cockroaches, the mother said that he was not happy. . . So immediately fill her hand dish! The mother has a kind of ability to eat the outside dishes and copy it perfectly at home. This dish is that I didn’t know where she was eating during my trip abroad. I came back to show off all kinds of things, but it was really delicious! ! ! I used to eat the taste of preserved eggs completely. The smell of this pepper is completely immersed in the preserved egg. The fusion is perfect! And very fast, the time to count the foreskin eggs will be completely less than 20 minutes ~ ps I cook is really inherited the two of the family ~



  1. Cut one of the preserved eggs into about 8 pieces and put them on the plate.

  2. Pepper, garlic, onion ginger are cut into small Ding~

  3. Simmer in the pot, stir-fry the onion and ginger

  4. Under the pepper! ! ! Dry the pepper with oil to the pepper

  5. Add some soy sauce, sugar, and cook for another 2 minutes.

  6. Add garlic diced, add the right amount of chicken essence after the garlic scent~

  7. Out! pot!


1. The mother said that she should use seafood soy sauce and taste better than ordinary soy sauce~~ 2. The mother said that it was for the sake of taking pictures, so only the sauce was poured in the middle. In fact, the preserved eggs should be immersed in the sauce.

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