Recipe: Peas, corn, fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Peas, corn, fried meat


After working, I started to learn to cook. I used to really not like to cook, but I also ate enough to take out. So I began to ponder over cooking, how to eat well, and prepare to cook this dish again tomorrow. Treating cooking as a pleasure, doing good food will be super rewarding.



  1. Directly buy corn and peas. If you don't buy it directly, you can buy some peas and a corn, peel off the peas and corn.

  2. Cut carrots

  3. Sliced ​​pork

  4. Pour a little oil into the pot and boil

  5. Put the diced meat in, stir fry until no bloodshot

  6. Pour corn and peas and stir fry for a while

  7. Pour the carrots into the stir fry

  8. Add salt, cooking wine

  9. Stir-fry

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