Recipe: Pearl meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Pearl meatballs



  1. Glutinous rice and red rice are soaked one night in advance

  2. The pork is chopped, the mushrooms are chopped, and the seasoning is stirred in one direction and marinated for 30 minutes. Soaked rice is dry. Carrots are chopped and mixed into glutinous rice for use.

  3. Hand dipped in water, grab a small group of meat and beat it with both hands, round it, put it in a glutinous rice roll and apply a uniform rice, placed on the diced cabbage.

  4. Red rice balls are also handled. Finally, put it on the drawer with the drawer cloth. Fire, steam for 15-20 minutes after boiling

  5. Can be eaten directly, or you can mix your favorite juice for food.


The persistent red rice, I have been soaked for 48 hours, and the result of the steaming is still not bad. Who deceived me and said that red rice can be spent overnight? The red rice rind is very hard and it doesn't work if it is soaked in cold water. It is best to soak it in the pot for a night and then boil it for a while, so that the red pearl balls that are steamed out can be eaten.

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