Recipe: Pearl meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Pearl meatballs


The following content is from the parent-child story network: "Appearance, I am an ordinary pearl ball. In fact, I am rich in heart, is an extraordinary pearl ball." Wuzyi7 - haha, today's pearl meatballs, super delicious. Biting down, the mouth is full of fragrance. The palate is rich, the meat is tender and juicy, the soft scent of the potatoes is smooth, and the yolk is delicious. Eat more steamed food in winter, it is not easy to get angry. And to balance nutrition, try to eat more vegetables and fruits.



  1. Glutinous rice soaked for at least three hours in advance

  2. The potatoes are diced and minced. Shallots, ginger, and meat.

  3. Glutinous rice drained, pork and potatoes mixed with all seasonings. Stir for a while and stir again.

  4. Take a group of meat chops and wrap the egg yolks round and round with your hands (similar to making a lion's head).

  5. Roll on the glutinous rice and evenly spread it.

  6. The prepared pearl meatballs are placed in a cage, decorated with egg yolks, and steamed for 25 to 30 minutes. (Adjust according to the size of the ball.


Tips:  Vegetables can be added to their favorite, such as potatoes, lotus roots, carrots and so on. But I think it's best to put potatoes, because the potatoes are powdery and not greasy. If it is crispy, it doesn't look like this.  It is best not to put on the seasoning. It is also possible to use the method of mixing meat.  Putting a little cooking oil is more smooth and tender. It is best to use 3 fat and 7 thin meat, because it is too fat to eat and get tired.

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