Recipe: Peanut Red Date Soy Milk (Soybean Milk Machine Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Peanut Red Date Soy Milk (Soybean Milk Machine Edition)


Because there is a vat of milk in the opening, I mixed it up and didn't expect it to be good! Then build a recipe recommended~



  1. Wash the beans for one night, pour the water the next day, rinse the water

  2. Peanuts and red dates are broken; peanuts can be removed without peeling

  3. Put the washed soybeans, peanuts and red dates into the soymilk machine, add the appropriate amount of milk, and add water to the soymilk water level line.

  4. Press the grain soy milk key to wait until the soya-bean milk machine is finished.


The amount of milk I feel is random, but not a lot, especially not to use all the milk without water, I feel that I will paste no extra sugar, or the sweetness of the red dates is enough for the summer to put the refrigerator ice and drink it is also very good!

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