Recipe: Peach yogurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Peach yogurt


The two remaining peaches in the house are not cooked. . Just bought the original yogurt, so the mixer walked up ~ dedicated to children who do not like to drink the original yogurt.



  1. Peach chopped and put into a blender

  2. Add yogurt, milk, and condensed milk according to your taste.

  3. Stir, work~


1. Peach should try to be softer. This time, I didn't remove the peach skin, I thought it was nutritious, and the color was very good~ 2. If you are using plain yogurt with sugar, you can not add condensed milk. 3. If you add milk, it will be a little thin. If you like to drink a little, you don't need to add milk. 4. In short, everything varies by taste~

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