Recipe: Peach white wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Peach white wine


Indications: Huoxue Tongluo, Runzao Xuan San. Applicable to wet turbid internal resistance, facial paralysis caused by facial stagnation, facial dark spots embolism. Note: It is not advisable to use during pregnancy and women who need breastfeeding.



  1. Dry peach 250g, white peony 30g rinsed with cold water, drain water.

  2. Put the peach and white hibiscus into the bottle (because I bought the bottled white wine, did not prepare the container, put the medicinal material directly into the bottle)

  3. Finally, put a small amount of rock sugar, seal it, put it for a month, you can drink it.


1. If there is a kind of peach blossom in the house, you can collect the peach blossoms on the branches in the southeast direction and open soon on the 3rd day of the lunar calendar or the Qingming period. Dry the rice. 2. Drink one or two drinks every morning or evening, and pour a little wine at the same time. In the palm of your hand, rub both hands. After the hand is hot, rub the affected area back and forth, usually for 30 to 60 days.

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