Recipe: Peach cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Peach cake



  1. The white sugar is dissolved in water and boiled into a high-temperature syrup, which is turned off and stirred into sugar sand.

  2. Wash the walnut kernels with boiling water and add rose sugar.

  3. The sugar sand is mixed with glutinous rice flour and sieved into four parts. One of them is placed in a long square mold as the bottom layer, compacted, two pieces of wood are placed on both sides of the mold, and then a piece of walnut cake powder is placed and flattened. Remove the wooden board, and then lay the remaining two cakes, compacted and covered with white paper.

  4. After steaming at a temperature of 80 ° C for 15 minutes, the demolished cake was stored in the cooked flour for about 1 hour, and the dough was cut into thin slices.

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