Recipe: Pea rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea rice


In memory, every time the peas are listed, my mother will cook peas for us. Peel out the freshest peas yourself, cook with glutinous rice and ham, and love forever! Now the ingredients can be more abundant, my mother will add black fungus, mushrooms, watercress or something; I am floating outside, wood has ham, use the most basic glutinous rice and peas, restore a simple taste in memory ~ peel off a grain of green The beans, this is clearly the breath of spring... Through the changes in seasonal vegetables and fruits listed, the change of season is clearly perceived, and suddenly realized that time is too fast!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice is washed in two or three hours in advance, soaked, ready to use

    Glutinous rice is washed in two or three hours in advance, soaked, ready to use

  2. Heat the oil pan, pour a little olive oil, heat it, pour in the peas, stir fry until the beans are scented.

  3. Put the glutinous rice into the rice cooker and add water to the rice glutinous rice.

  4. Pour the peas on the surface and spread it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. Picture: Gorgeous version of pea rice eaten at home the year before, with ham, sausage dipping, fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms, small flowers, watercress ~~)


1, cook glutinous rice water to put less, or otherwise glutinous rice will be relatively wet; put it with glutinous rice can be, you do not have to completely cover. 2, put some ham, will be very good, very fragrant ~ ~ very taste ~!

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