Recipe: Pea bacon steamed glutinous rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Pea bacon steamed glutinous rice


In the south of April, the sweet peas are green, and the ham bacon that hangs for a winter is also fragrant in the sun. At this time, the southern housewife will give this family a very seasony pea steamed rice. The peas are sweet, the bacon is fragrant, the glutinous rice is soft, and the old stomach of the family is full of spring.



  1. Soak the glutinous rice and wash it for one night. If it is too late, soak it for at least half a day, then drain.

  2. Pea peeled and washed, bacon diced, not all lean meat, the point is more fragrant.

  3. Dig a spoonful of lard hot, sauté the beans and bacon, then simmer the glutinous rice and continue to stir fry. The purpose is to make each glutinous rice stick to the scent. Finally, stir the salt and stir it.

  4. Put the cold water on the pressure cooker, put on the steaming rack, pad the steamer on the steamer, then pour the fried glutinous rice on the cloth, then cover the lid and start to steam. After the SAIC fire, it can be 8-10 minutes. You can also steam with steamer and steamer

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