Recipe: Pasta with white sauce salmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Pasta with white sauce salmon


Lemon Mint + White Sauce Salmon Pasta



  1. Slice the salmon and fry in a pan; cut the yellow portion of the lemon peel into chips and prepare a proper amount of lemon juice. Mint in a light salt water, washed and chopped

  2. Add a little olive oil and salt to the water and cook in the pasta for 11 minutes.

  3. Put the olive oil in the pot, sauté the minced garlic, pour the milk, add the cheese slices after boiling, stir evenly, add white wine, I added 2 teaspoons, but I think it can be a little more. Add lemon dander

  4. Add the right amount of salt, add salmon slices and pasta for 1 minute. Add mint and lemon juice before the pot, add fresh black pepper to the food.

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