Recipe: Passionate mainland!! Le Continent Ardent!!

Home Cooking Recipe: Passionate mainland!! Le Continent Ardent!!


According to the words of cherries, the summer of the South China is coming to the fore~~~ Mango mousse should be more common, but with some passion fruit and raspberry, the sourness and color make me think of the Japanese mainland. ~~ Unfortunately, there is no skinny, hot male goddess... ( ́-ω-`) can make a 15cm * 15cm square cake, 7.5cm long, 3cm wide and 10 slices



  1. #乔孔达海绵蛋糕#Almond powder and low-gluten flour mixed and sieved for use; butter melted spare whole egg and sugar powder insulation water to send to the eggbeater can draw out obvious lines will not disappear soon

  2. Add butter, mix the eggs evenly, add the powder twice, and mix evenly without particles.

  3. Protein and sugar are sent until the eggbeater has a small hook. Take a small amount and mix it with the egg paste until it is not completely uniform. Add the remaining protein cream and mix evenly.

  4. Preheat the oven at 190 ° C, bake the baking paper, pour the paste, scrape the flat, bake in the oven for 15 minutes, uncover the oil paper and gently cover it, let cool

  5. #Raspberry cream filling #吉利丁泡软, butter softened at room temperature to gently press the dent

  6. Add whole egg and egg yolk with sugar and stir evenly. Raspberry puree is heated to the edge and start to boil. While stirring the egg liquid, pour the raspberry puree into the pan and mix well. Then pour it back into the pan and cook until 83 °C. Add Geely. Ding Ronghua mix well, sieve, cool down to 20 ° C

  7. The softened butter is added to the raspberry egg paste twice, and the egg is quickly mixed and emulsified to a smoothness. [If there is a hand blender, pour the raspberry egg paste into a large cup and put all the softened butter. The stirrer is smoothed. (This step can also be: soften the butter and send it to a fluffy creamy shape. Pour the raspberry egg paste into a small amount and mix evenly and emulsify smoothly;)

  8. Cut two pieces of sponge cake with a 15cm*15cm square mousse ring, one piece of colored face down on the bottom of the mousse circle, pour the raspberry cream filling, and the other piece is painted face up on the cream filling. Freezing stereotype

  9. #芒果百香果慕斯#Jiliding tablets are soft, mango puree and passion fruit puree are mixed for use; egg yolk and sugar are stirred evenly, milk is boiled until the side is boiled, while stirring the egg yolk, the milk is added and stirred evenly, and then The whole is poured back into the pot and boiled to 83 ° C. Add the gelatin and mix well, sieve, and cool off the ice water.

  10. Mix the mixed puree and the cooled custard sauce.

  11. Light cream is sent to 7 distribution, take a small amount with the puree egg yolk paste and mix with the egg, mix the remaining light cream and mix evenly, use a spatula to mix evenly, pour into the frozen mousse circle, freeze stereotype

  12. #雪芝饼糊# Unsalted butter softens at room temperature, add sugar powder to fluffy

  13. Add a small amount of protein to the butter and stir evenly. Add each time to the mixture and add it again. If there is oil and water separation, add a little flour and mix well.

  14. Add flour and mix well, then add a small amount of residual protein and stir evenly

  15. Divide the batter into two portions, one with the red pigment, one with the yellow pigment, and then mix the appropriate amount into a marble pattern, and use a small spatula to wipe out the favorite shape on the silicone pad.

  16. Preheat the oven, bake, cool off the stove (temperature time later, sorry -_-||)

  17. #芒果百香果镜面# Geely is soaked in soft, pure fruit puree, added with transparent pectin, insulated with water and mixed well

  18. Add the soft gelatin, melt and mix well, cool the ice to thick

  19. The frozen cake is demoulded, coated with mirror, and refrigerated until mirror finish

  20. Slice the cake by 3*7.5cm, decorate the mango with cut diced, and put the cigar cake on it.

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