Recipe: Papaya glutinous rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Papaya glutinous rice porridge


This porridge is learned from the program of Qingdao TV Station. It is said that it can be used for heat and dampness. It is suitable for this drink, so it is decisive to give it to parents. The taste is sweet and light, very good~



  1. The glutinous rice and glutinous rice are soaked for 2 hours in advance.

  2. Pour the glutinous rice, simmer the water into the pot and add enough water.

  3. Peel the ginger slices, put in the pot, add the right amount of rock sugar.

  4. Open the fire, cut the small pieces of papaya into the pot, turn the water on and turn to low heat, stew for 2 hours. If you are in a hurry, use a pressure cooker to steam and turn to a small fire. Cook for half an hour, the water must be enough!


If you like a sticky taste, you can increase the meter.

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