Recipe: Pan Zikai's Diary

Home Cooking Recipe: Pan Zikai's Diary


I like to do the lunches, but every time I have a casual record, I haven’t made a good record. I finally decided to sort it out in the past two days. So I took a recipe to record all the lunches I made. I welcome everyone to exchange ideas. hhh wants to If you understand the practice, you can comment and ask me. I like my lunch. I might as well take a look at me. I will share some of my own experience when I am doing the convenience. If you are interested, you can refer to it.



  1. The first requirement for me to make a lunch is that I must have eggs. No matter what I do, I generally like scrambled eggs.

  2. The second is that there must be green vegetables. I personally prefer to eat broccoli, and the leafy vegetables are often bought, but the leafy vegetables are not very well preserved. I will open a recipe to talk about the preservation of a person's cooking food.

  3. The third one is that I will do more tricks. Generally, I will prepare the ingredients the night before. I only need to fry the next day to eat. I will be quicker and will not waste a lot of morning time.

  4. The fourth is the choice of meat. I suggest choosing chicken, fish, shrimp, beef, pork. I personally don’t like it very much. Plus I have reduced fat, so I use less.

  5. The fifth one is about the plate and decoration. Black pepper and black and white sesame are the most common ones. I also think that it is a very nice little decoration. I recommend it to everyone. As for the other, I will use it later and share it with you. !嘻嘻

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