Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans


That... because I hate the taste and hard taste of yam, but yam is too nutritious, so I always want to make it delicious... So I tried to make a yam cake today, and I also poured sugar sweet-scented osmanthus. The sweet honey is delicious~ A small dessert that is perfect for autumn afternoons! Hey, I finally have to overcome the big problem of yam [sand flowers! ( ̄▽ ̄)o∠※PAN!=.:*:'☆.:*:'★':*



  1. Cut the yam into small pieces or small pieces and throw them into boiling water until they are soft. (The process is relatively long, about 30 minutes or more)

  2. Pick up the yam, put it in cold water, and then use a potato chip to crush it into a velvet. (If the yam is too hard to be pressed, add a little oil or water, not too much)

  3. Add sugar to the yam yam and mix well. Then use the moon cake mold to press into a small moon cake.

  4. After being frozen in the refrigerator for a while, it can be taken out and poured with sugar osmanthus. Began to eat!


Ps: 1, it is said that if you use the iron rod Huaishan to press the velvet, it will not be out of water. I use the big yam (that is, the kind of about 10cm in diameter). When the pressure is stirred, it will be slightly watery, and it is not good to demould when it is formed. Well, but if you eat it yourself, it’s not so much~ 2, the mold I use is the spring compression mold for the snowy moon cake, 50g. 3, after freezing for about 2 hours, it is delicious ~ (the refrigerator can be generally layered, do not put cold, will freeze ===)

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