Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans

Home Cooking Recipe: Osmanthus fragrans



  1. Peel the skin slices, soak in water with white vinegar, spare

  2. Put the bracts into boiling water, rinse, and control the moisture


1. 藕 is generally divided into two types, namely seven-hole 九 and nine-hole 藕. The seven-hole scorpion is also known as the safflower scorpion. The outer skin is brownish yellow, and the body shape is short and thick. The oysters taste bitter. The nine-hole oysters are also called white buds. The outer skin is smooth, silvery white, and the body is thin and long. It is crisp and sweet. 2. Seven-hole glutinous rice has higher starch content, less water, and is not brittle, suitable for soup; nine-hole glutinous rice has high moisture content, crisp and juicy, and is most suitable for cold or fried.

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