Recipe: Onion ginger squid bubble (fish carp)

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion ginger squid bubble (fish carp)


Sometimes the Hunan restaurant will have a "fish bubble" dish, and sometimes, when you go again, this dish will be gone. Perhaps fish bulbs are not commonly eaten. Or perhaps because its true face has been resolved. Haha, report a price information, fishmeal fish in the Hunan area sold at a high price of 20 yuan / kg up, and in the Zhejiang area, it is only a few pounds. Everything is in the air... Haha P.S. Fish foam is rich in collagen, beauty and good food, it will kill.



  1. Fish foam washes blood, squeezes out stagnant water

  2. Put a little bit of salt, a little bit of soy sauce, a little bit of raw powder, and grab it evenly.

  3. Take the hot oil in the pot, stir the sauté on the onion ginger, stir fry the fish, and put a little wine to remove the glutinous rice.

  4. Pour boiling water, put a little salt, a little bit of sugar (good brown sugar), one tablespoon of oyster sauce, cook for 15-30 minutes in small and medium heat, according to personal taste

  5. After you have finished, put in your favorite vegetable ingredients, I put the red pepper and celery section and stir fry for one minute. If it is cilantro, you don't need to stir fry.


The fish bubble has two layers inside and outside, the outer layer is soft, and the inner layer is tough and needs to be boiled for at least 15 minutes.

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