Recipe: Onion fragrant shortbread

Home Cooking Recipe: Onion fragrant shortbread



  1. Yeast warm water to add flour, and into a soft dough, covered with plastic wrap to wake up for half an hour;

  2. The oil residue is fine (the oil residue can not be dried too much when leaving lard oil, leaving some oil);

  3. Put the pressure cooker on the stove and preheat it on a small fire. It is best to put a piece of iron on the bottom of the pot, so that the heat will be more even (remember the previous charcoal fire).

  4. Dough the dough into a 0.8 cm thick round cake, sprinkle with salt and pepper noodles, spread it evenly, spread the squid oil residue evenly on the cake, then sprinkle a layer of chopped green onion, roll it up, then fold it into Square, and finally rounded into a round cake about 0.8 cm thick.

  5. Preheat the bottom of the pressure cooker with a thin layer of vegetable oil, put the cake into it, twist the lid and do not add a pressure valve, and burn it to the surface golden, turn it over until it is golden on both sides.


Be sure to slowly burn the small fire, put the oily, green onion, pepper and all the infiltration into the dough, in order to reach the realm of oil and not greasy.

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