Recipe: One-person dessert - coconut powder microwave cake

Home Cooking Recipe: One-person dessert - coconut powder microwave cake


Do you think that white flour is not healthy? But I can't accept the rough taste of the whole grain powder... As long as you like the coconut flavor, from the moment you open the coconut powder, you will be happy until the whole cake. Sugar-free, oil-free, natural, the key is still delicious!



  1. Coconut powder mixed with baking powder.

  2. Eggs and bananas are evenly mixed in a blender to fuse, and the eggs are slightly foamed.

  3. Mix the powders and liquids and gradually add more coconut milk until the texture of the general cake paste.

  4. Add favorite flavors or polysaccharides.

  5. Pour into a one-person container and turn the microwave for about a minute. Open the microwave every half minute until you are cooked.

  6. Add yogurt and fruit to eat!


Coconut powder absorbs water... great! Giant! Giant! The important thing to say three times! Don't be afraid, if you deal with it well, you can still eat it very well. Must add a lot of eggs, if it is too dry, it is best to continue adding eggs while adding coconut milk, otherwise it will not be the texture of the cake.

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