Recipe: One of the pizzas in the series: salted egg yolk meat pizza

Home Cooking Recipe: One of the pizzas in the series: salted egg yolk meat pizza


There is an indescribable love for pizza, but I can't get used to Pizza Hut or John, and I am more interested in the traditional Neapolitan pizza. Originally originated in the small town of Naples, Italy, the pizza was originally only the food of the poor class. Later, it quickly became popular among the middle class because of its convenience and taste, and eventually became one of the representative foods of Italy. Pizza got a second new life in the United States and went global. Americans with pragmatism are fond of thick cake bottoms, lots of fillings and strong flavors, and pizza has changed its face in the United States. But in Italy, the traditional pizza is a thin bottom with a diameter of no more than 31cm and a fixed filling. They believe that simple fillings are beneficial in both taste and health. Margaret Pizza is the originator of the pizza, and the legend is because of the preference of Queen Margaret. Margarita pizza consists only of low-temperature refrigerated pasta, hand-cooked tomato sauce, buffalo cheese, and fresh basil leaves. The bottom of the finished cake is crispy and soft, and it is most suitable for tasting. The simple material must bring extraordinary taste. Highlighting the original appearance of the food and respecting the characteristics of the food itself must be delicious. This time, the original cake from the kitchen, Echo, has a special vanilla flavor due to the addition of olive oil. The amount of water is not large, suitable for operation, I personally love it, and it is also the preferred formula for making pizza every time. Have you ever thought about carrying it on a pizza if you like salted egg yolk and floss? Just imagine, you can't restrain it, then, please come with me and try it.



  1. Mix all the ingredients and knead until the dough is smooth and elastic. The water should be added in several stages. It is not necessary to add all the dough. The dough should be sticky. If you are a novice, you can reduce the amount of water properly. The dough is sprayed with oil, placed in a fresh-keeping bag, knotted at the top, and refrigerated for one night. Of course, room temperature is also ok, but the taste after one night will definitely surprise you.

  2. Remove the dough 1-2 hours in advance and return to warmth. Slowly press with a hand to make a pizza about 0.5cm, the edge is slightly thicker. This formula can be made about 25*15 or thicker. The taste is different. Fermentation at room temperature for 10-15 minutes

  3. The oven is preheated to 210 degrees. The pastry is coated with a layer of salad dressing, topped with a layer of fluffy or spicy pine, sprinkled with cooked salted egg yolks, and finally sprinkled with cheese. Salted egg yolk is recommended to buy raw salted duck eggs, knock it yourself, it will be more fresh. The oven is baked at 170 degrees for about 6 minutes. Do not bake for too long.

  4. Bake at 190 degrees for about 15 minutes, until the dough is colored and the cheese melts. The higher the temperature, the crisper the bottom of the cake. Of course, there is no baking slate, and if the temperature of the household oven is not enough, it should not be baked. However, the soft and soft cake family is very fond of

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