Recipe: Olive pig lung horseshoe mulberry leaf keel soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Olive pig lung horseshoe mulberry leaf keel soup


This soup name covers all materials. ←_← My weight is the weight of a family of seven. This is a good soup that Chinese medicine told me to go to the lungs. The whole family is suitable for both young and old, and often drink will not produce haha~



  1. Pig lungs need to be cleaned many times and many times to be clean. Remember to add salt and salt to wash the pig's lungs.

  2. Keel flying water to blood foam

  3. The horseshoe is peeled, the olives are washed, and the mulberry leaves are washed. All materials are placed together in the pot. It is best to have a casserole, my house is lazy with a pressure cooker.

  4. Jet 3-5 minutes to a small fire.

  5. Mulberry leaves are taken out before the pot. If you don't eat pig lungs, you can also take them together.

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