Recipe: Old yak soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old yak soup


The old yak soup, huh, huh, this old man is the father of Mr. Yang, the father-in-law. The old man rarely goes to the kitchen. In his own words, the chef is generally not easy to shoot, but one shot must be a thriller.... Daddy, only in the cold winter, on which day he is in a good mood. When I went to the place where he knew and we didn't know, I bought 2 pounds of his favorite calf, came back to the little song, and slowly and leisurely in the kitchen and refused to visit. Then, soon, the smell of the soup began to permeate. .... And when we were satisfied with the bowl and eating meat and soup, the old man sat aside and lit a cigarette. It seemed to carelessly listen to the children's admiration, and the face was not shocked and calm... . However, I always feel that the old man is very proud. However, he is to maintain the style of his master. However, the master will be lonely. As his children grew older, their wings grew and they left the nest, and his superb skills were unappreciated. So, he also lost the one that was once very proud. Now, the old man has passed his burdock soup to me, I think, maybe, he gave me, in addition to this taste we are already familiar with, and the care he has been unable to do, and he is forever Unable to let go of the worry. However, I also know how similar, this bowl of my soup is no longer his. The burdock is a piece of cake, very smooth and tender, and the radish is stewed with the sirloin. It is very soft and very tasty. The best thing is the soup, the soup is very clear, but the taste is strong, with a little spicy, drink it, and feel warm.



  1. Ginger slices, white radish peeled and cut squares (or random shapes)

  2. Cut the burdock into several large pieces, and put it into the cold water pot together with the 1/2 piece of ginger to cook. After boiling, continue to cook for about 10 minutes. When poke with chopsticks, no blood will seep out, you can pick up the cold water. After rushing to the floating foam, cut the square

  3. After washing the wok, heat it, pour the appropriate amount of oil, and place the ginger and red pepper. Stir fry for 1 minute, then add the sirloin. Stir fry for 4-5 minutes, add cold water, and the amount of water is not over.

  4. After boiling in the pot, put in the white radish block and boil again. Transfer to the medium and low heat in the soup and continue to stew for 2 hours. Season with salt.


1. The burdock should be yellow beef, it is best to choose near the ribs (Wuhan called Niuwagou), to be fat and thin but slightly thinner; 2. In this step of drowning, the calf only needs to be changed into several large pots. Wait until the water is finished and cut into small pieces, but you can't cut too small pieces, otherwise the fragrance will be discounted; 3. In addition to ginger, put some dried red pepper, stir fry with sirloin, so the soup will be very flavorful (just spicy, don't worry); but in addition to ginger and pepper, other spices such as octagonal do not have to put, want Is the original taste; 4. Always add cold water when cooking. (The method of the old man is to add cold water, but I am used to adding boiling water, this time according to him), after boiling, then turn into the casserole or soup, slowly stew, with a wok Stew will affect the taste of the soup; 5. After the soup is stewed, add salt and season. After salting, continue to cook for four or five minutes.

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