Recipe: Old vinegar peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Old vinegar peanuts



  1. Wash the bitter chrysanthemum and dry it, cut the parsley

  2. Make oil in the pot, be sure to put the cold oil into the pot and put in the peanuts.

  3. In the middle of the fire, as the oil temperature rises, the peanuts will spit out many vesicles.

  4. The peanuts gradually make some buzzing sounds, and the sound is getting louder and louder.

  5. The color of the peanut skin becomes deeper, the sound becomes less dense, and the foam becomes less

  6. There is almost no foam in the pot, and the color of the peanuts becomes redder.

  7. Don't wait for the color of the peanuts to become as red as you think, or the peanuts will magically change after the pan. (Do not turn off the peanuts and keep the high oil temperature in order to prevent the peanuts from having too much oil. The peanuts that have just been baked in the pan have become darker in color.)

  8. Pour fried peanuts into Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar

  9. Put a little salt and sugar according to your taste

  10. Sprinkle with bitter chrysanthemum and parsley and mix well.

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