Recipe: Old sucking ginger

Home Cooking Recipe: Old sucking ginger


The party from the Internet, according to the work, is very delicious. As the saying goes, eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer. Worth a try, perfect with a small porridge!



  1. The ginger is washed and the surface is dry and only sliced. (If you can't wait, you can dry it with kitchen paper)

  2. Put the ginger slices into a jar that can be sealed, then pour in the soy sauce that has not been served with ginger, and add the appropriate amount of vinegar. Cover the seal and put it in the refrigerator.

  3. You can eat the next day, and add some sesame oil when you eat.


Ginger is tender, you can't touch the water when you do it, or it will be easy to break. When you take it out, it is strictly not wet. Soy sauce can also be used for cooking, not wasting.

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